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Aloiampelos striatula (Aloe striatula)

Aloiampelos striatula (Aloe striatula)


Well established cuttings in a 11cm pot. This aloe comes from South Africa. Hardy in UK, but not in heavy frost, cover. Lovely yellow flowers in summer


Aloiampelos striatula, formerly Aloe striatula, the hardy aloe or striped-stemmed aloe, is a sturdy succulent plant that naturally occurs on the summits of mountains along the south of the Karoo region of South Africa. Tough and hardy, with bright yellow flowers, it is also cultivated as a garden ornamental.

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  • Growing Tips

    These plants are half hardy and need protection from hard frost. In suitable climates they may be grown in pots or containers outdoors and moved indoors for the winter. In sheltered south-facingsunny borders these plants will survive outdoors, provided they are protected from the frost with plant fleece and have adequate drainage. The best soil to use consists of two parts sandy loam and one part sand. For vigorous growth, repot in March. Water freely in summer and let the soil become dry before watering in winter.

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