B. 'Frilly Knickers'

B. 'Frilly Knickers'

An unregistered variety of Brugmansia, Frilly Knickers grows similar to candida varieties of Brugmansia bearing large white to cream disfigured flowers resembling Frilly Knickers! The petals grow singularly from the start of the calyx which splits  to reveal at least 10 petals which are strongly scented in the evening. A warm group Brug preferring temperatures between 7c and 25c.
A part shade position is best for the plant in a pot, until of a size it can be transplanted to the garden each late spring to autumn to avoid frosts. The plant is secured and anchored in the box, labeled and the pot is presented in a natural hemp bag.
  • Growing Notes

    Position: Part-Shade to avoid drying out

    Temperature: 4C - 30C

    Water: Kept in moist well drained soil, do not allow to fully dry out.

    Feeding: High Potash feed every other day in the growing season (Spring to Autumn)


    Pot into a rich compost potti