Brugmansia Starter Kit. Includes a Brugmansia Plant, Elixir soluble plant feed, Bypass pruning secateurs and garden gloves.


Brugmansia plant choice: When placing the order please select a Brugmansia from the online availability (under £20). If a plant is not available please ask I may have it in stock. The plant is wrapped neatly in a protective film and set in a hessian bag for presentation and protection during transit. The plant is locked in place in the box to avoid any damage.


Elixir Gardens Bumper Crop soluble gromore fertiliser has been specially selected to fulfill the growing needs of Brugmansia plant. When Brugmansia are in full growth, in the summer, they require 18N, 10P, 18K, 2-3Mg. This feed contains N 18%, P 7.8%, K 14.9% and Mg 1.9%. (Compound Content: N 18:P2O 18: K2O 18 +3Mg2O) perfect feed for a hungry Brugmansia.


The Secateurs are bypass style which suits Brugmansia well. These are useful for pruning, removing foliage and taking cuttings, all whilst keeping their strength through the tougher thicker cuttings.


The gloves are selected as thin cotton style gloves to allow you to feel the plant when dealing with the delicate foliage whilst protecting your hands from the sap during pruning. They are designed for detailed garden work. The choices are both Briers, and either a floral pink cotton grip style (Medium) or a blue seed and weed style (Large). All this kit is supplied in two neat bespoke boxes, growing instructions and information about contacting us for advise or issues you may encounter. Start you collection now with this excellent kit and you'll be hooked on growing more varieties.

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