Colocasia (Elephant Ear) Burgundy Stem' is quite large in stature and sports pinkish-purple stems. Although mainly grown for its ornamental foliage it also produces tall, yellow-spathed inflorescences during the summer months. It thrives in full sun with plenty of water. It is relatively easy to grow in the UK during the summer months. During the winter, it is best potted up and kept indoors under glass, keeing it dry and frost-free. Stop watering from mid-October through to Spring to ensure the tubers don't rotSold as small plant in a 11cm pot with 1 to 2 leaves grow on.

Colocasia esculenta 'Burgandy Stem'

  • Grow in humus-rich, fertile, moist but well-drained soil in full/ part sun. Choose a warm position sheltered from cold winds and give a deep winter mulch. In hard frosts lift the rhizomes and store somewhere dry until spring.An alternative is to grow it in a large container on a warm, sunny patio and to overwinter indoors or under glass.

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