Justicia adhatoda is an upright/erect evergreen shrub with an open and irregular habit.The stems are covered in large, lush, light green, veined leaves and spectacular spikes of unusual white flowers with red veins are borne in summer.It likes a good amount of shade or dappled light to thrive and its attractive foliage makes a good background to lower annuals and perennials in front.Soil: Moist, well drained soil with reasonable fertility are preferred , though it can withstand some drought.It will not however tolerate water-logging which can cause root-rot which can kill it very quickly.the best way to avoid this is to dig in plenty of organic material like compost which encourages drainage, while allowing air in amongst the root zone.Maintenance: They look best when clipped regularly.Tip prune annually after flowering to keep tidy.Diseases: None of note

Justicia Adhatoda


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