Well established cuttings in a 10cm pot. This group of flowering succulents comes from South Africa. These plants have a low bushy habit of growth and grown mainly for their pretty, daisy-like flowers and half-hardy nature. Once established flowers bloom prefusely from late May to July in an irridescent pink. The flowers, which grow on stem tips need sun to open and can come in an array of different colours including yellow, red, orange and white. This purchase is for pink flowers

Lampranthus 'Purple/pink'

  • These plants are half hardy and need protection from hard frost. In suitable climates they may be grown in pots or containers outdoors and moved indoors for the winter. In sheltered south-facingsunny borders these plants will survive outdoors, provided they are protected from the frost with plant fleece and have adequate drainage. The best soil to use consists of two parts sandy loam and one part sand. For vigorous growth, repot in March. Water freely in summer and let the soil become dry before watering in winter.

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