Masdevallia Ignea

Masdevallia Ignea


Masdevallia Ignea BS in a 11cm pot with Sphagnum moss.


Common Name 'The Christmas Orchid' or 'Fire red' Orchid

Flower Size 3 1/5" [8 cm]


Found in the Eastern Cordillera of Colombia at elevations of 2600 to 3800 meters as a small sized, cold growing terrestrial orchid with stout, erect, ramicauls enveloped baslly by 2 to 3 loose, tubular sheaths and carrying sub erect, elliptic-lanceolate to oblong-lanceolate, coriaceous, dark green leaf that is narrowly cuneate below into the sulcate petiole and has a single flower per erect, slender, terete, 12 to 15" [30 to 37.5 cm] long inflorescence holding the flower well above the leaves occuring in late spring and summer.


Min Temp 7C

Max Temp high 20s C

Humidity above 75%