Sphaerocarpium Brugmansia Collection

Sphaerocarpium Brugmansia Collection


A selection of 3 selected Spherocarpium Brugmansia. This could be B.Mobisu, B.Sanguinea V Rubella, B. Vulsa (Vulcanicola x Sanguinea) , B.Wildfire or Arborea. These are all cold group brugmansia native to the high Andes mountains and can tolerate cooler temperatures than their warm group cousins. The flowering is best seen at cooler temperatures between 7c and 20c. Flowering can be inhibited above 25c and hence tends to flower in UK spring and autumn.


Brugmansia are well rooted in a 11cm pot at a height of 25-35cm secured in a pre-made bespoke box. The plant secured and anchored in the box, labeled and the pot is presented in a natural hessian bag for presentation.


Growing conditions: This plant comes from higher elevations than typical Brugmansias, so it used to mild daytime temperatures, and nights that are cool. Temperatures above the 23°C can inhibit flowering, and the plant might decline if temperatures are consistently above 30°C, especially if nights are warm. In frost free coastal areas of the UK this can be planted in the ground when mature.


Flowers: October to May