VitaLink CalMag - calcium and magnesium additive

VitaLink CalMag - calcium and magnesium additive

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VitaLink CalMag is a unique calcium and magnesium additive. It increases the availability of calcium – which has poor mobility within the plant – especially for areas of new growth or fruit formation - i.e.Brugmansia flowers.


Calcium is macronutrient important for strong cell walls, root development, cell division and elongation, nitrogen assimilation, enzymatic and hormonal processes and photosynthesis. A calcium deficiency can cause blossom end rot.


Magnesium is a macronutrient which is vital for plant growth and health. It acts as a building block for chlorophyll which is crucial for photosynthesis.


Nitrogen is an essential macronutrient for growth and biomass production. It is vital for the formation of amino acids and chlorophyll.


VitaLink CalMag contains two forms of chelated iron to maximise the availability of this micronutrient to your plants. Iron acts as an enzyme cofactor in plants and is also important for photosynthesis. An insufficient supply can limit plant growth.

The combination of all these elements improves the overall performance of your plants, resulting in healthier growth and colour.


Usage instructions:

Use 1 ml/L alongside main nutrients. Use during prolonged vegetative growth or when deficiency is observed. Check EC levels when using VitaLink CalMag because it will affect the EC of your nutrient solution. If required, adjust the pH. Recommended pH range 5.8-6.5. Shake well before use.


Calcium and magnesium are the most abundant minerals in tap water and will influence the water hardness. Soft water, usually found in the Western/Northern parts of the UK, generally has an EC of below 0.4 and doesn’t contain much calcium or magnesium. Using a CalMag supplement in soft water regions will increase the levels of each element which are then absorbed, and used by the plants.


Hard water is at the opposite end with an EC largely above 0.8 and can mainly be found in the Eastern/Southern parts of the UK. Water in these regions contains higher levels of calcium and magnesium compared to soft water and as a general rule, if your grow room is in a hard water area, then there's no need to use a CalMag supplement, unless the plants show a deficiency.

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