Brugmansia Specialist

(Angel Trumpet or formerly Datura)

Growing and selling Brugmansia alongside a range of subtropical and exotic plants, including cool growing Orchids.

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Exotic Earth Plants is a specialist supplier of Brugmansia plants (Angels Trumpets or formerly Datura). We are growing an ex-situ collection of Brugmansia to protect the species as a whole and trying to locate and grow wild forms of the plant. As a Brugmansia Growers International member we are always looking for unique forms of cultivated variants to add something special to the collection.


We hold a private collection of Brugmansia which has been growing since 2016. The collection consists of a selection of single species and cultivated varieties of two species and three species Brugmansia. We also have several special varieties cultivated by Brugmansia Growers International members.


Subtropical Plants

We grow a selection of other exotic & architectural plants suitable for the UK climate. Inspired by a range of subtropical gardens and with over 10 years experience we also focus on subtropical plants from all over the world including South America, South Africa and Atlantic Islands. Our plants are specially selected to cope with the UK weather and with a little winter protection will bloom year on year. Subtropical plants include, but not limited to, Bananas, Cannas, Ginger Lillies, Echium, Gunnera, Agapanthus, Crocosmia, Colocasia, Abutilon & Lampranthus. Please see the the Plant Shop for more details.


September 2020

The Garden & Tregrehan Rare Plant Fair - Sunday 20th September 10am -3pm

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