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Gift Card Certificate - amount selected:


Choose an amount and write your message here! Gift card codes are used online to purchase plants through the growing season from Feb to Nov. valid for 2 years. A physical Gift Voucher is sent out too....

Custom amount

How do customers purchase my gift cards?

A customer visiting your site can view the card on the gift card page. The customer selects an amount, and enters the recipient's details, sets when they want the card delivered, and pay. After completing checkout, the customer receives email confirmation about the purchase.  Customers can also buy gift cards for themselves. 

How do gift card recipients get their cards?

The gift card recipient gets an email with the subject line "You just got a gift card from Michael Jones" (with the relevant name). Their unique gift card code appears in the email. They will also receive a physical voucher which can be passed on as a gift.

How do recipients redeem gift cards at checkout?

To redeem the card, the recipient heads over to the Exotic Earth Plants plant shop and finds items to purchase. During payment, they select the Redeem a gift card option and enter their unique gift card code. (See image at the bottom of this text)

What happens if the order total is more than the remaining gift card value?

If the sale is worth more than the value of the card, customers can pay for the remaining cost using your other payment methods.

What happens if the order total is less than the gift card value?

Any amount left over after making a purchase can be used in future purchases. 


For example, if a customer has a £100 gift card and spends £25, they can use the remaining £75 in future when shopping on your site.

Can gift card holders check their balance?

Currently, it is not possible for recipients to check their gift card balance. However this figure can be calculated by subtracting the value of previous invoices from the total gift voucher value. Alternatively please contact us.

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