About Exotic Earth Plants

Beginning as a home grown collection of subtropical half-hardy plants in 2012, my garden hobby has led me on a journey to establish Exotic Earth Plants in 2018. Influenced primarily from several visits to the Isles of Scilly and many gardens in the south-west of the UK, my collection certainly reflects the subtropical plants which can be grown in the UK with minimal winter protection. Located in the mild climate of south Devon, I hold a private collection of Brugmansia which I make available to customers throughout the year online and at fairs and am an active member of Brugmansia Growers International. I am a member of Plant Heritage Devon Group and have protected several plants under the Plant Heritage Plant Guardian scheme I have ambitions to work towards establishing a National Plant Collection of Brugmansia, through Plant Heritage, and would eventually like to setup a larger dedicated specialist nursery open to the public.


As a sole trader it has been hard work setting up the micro-business to its current status and customers should be aware this is not my primary job and I am only available generally evenings and weekends to respond to queries and orders. The Back Garden Micro-Nursery has allowed me to continue my hobby and delve into other areas of horticulture. 

In February 2021 I had a feature article in Gardens Illustrated magazine titled ' How to start a Micro Nursery'. See the photo below for the article.

In September 2021 I was asked by RHS to display a cart in the Italianate Market area of the Great Pavilion at Chelsea Flower Show. This display was non judged, as were all of the other carts which were showcasing plants from other specialist nurseries, and it was a privilege to showcase and display my plants at Chelsea Flower Show 2021.

I am constantly searching for new and wonderful Brugmansia to add to the collection and find additional rare or unusual subtropical plants which can be grown in the UK. The majority of the plants I grow originate from South America but some are from other parts of the world.

I also grow a selection of cool growing pleurothallidinae orchids native to Central and South America, including Dracula, Masdevallia, Oncidium to name a few. Sales support my ongoing commitment and membership to the Orchid Conservation Alliance which EEP are Patron Members and supported ongoing land purchase of rare orchid rich habitat in South America. These habitats are rich in flora and fauna, not to mention undiscovered orchids, other plant species and possibly Brugmansia! 

I grow a selection of subtropical plants suitable for the UK including Musa, Hedychium, Colocasia, Passiflora, Justicia, Abutilon, Iochroma, Echium, Schefflera, Strobilanthus and more.


Please visit me at a plant fair or support me by purchasing something online and give your garden an exotic centerpiece this year from a passionate horticultural specialist!


Buckfast Abbey Garden Fayre 2019


Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens Plant Fair 2019


Buckfast Abbey Garden Fayre 2019

Rare Plant Fair 2019-5802.jpg

Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens Plant Fair 2019


Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens Plant Finders Fair with exotic plant grower and expert Mike Clifford


Garden Guru Interview on Sunday 13th October 2019 with Toby Buckland at BBC Radio Devon Studio


Gardens Illustrated article February 2021 - How to start a micro nursery.