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A rare find: Brugmansia Mobisu (Flava or Rubella)

Our Ex-situ collection is growing by the week, always on a quest to look out for rare and unusual variaties of Brugmansia or formerly Datura.

I have been searching for a variety of Rubella which is a two species Brugmansia of Arborea and Sanguinea. It is also referred to as Flava and is part of the cold group of Brugmansia.

It has been difficult to track down, but what luck I had when visiting an offbeat nursery in the depths of Devon I managed to find one! What a find for the collection!

It is a small more spindly branched shrub than other Angel Trumpet. The flowers are small and apricot pink coloured with a beautiful Arborea scent.

I am propogating this at present and I should have some limited quantity available in the summer.

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