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Aftersales customer feedback of plant purchases

It's always lovely to hear how well our plants are growing post purchase. Here is small testimonial review from a regular customer giving a brief overview of how their plants are currently growing, lessons learnt and positive results. Please see below:

Langbuscher garten was tremendous with 30 Plus flowers from early Oct to end of November. It grew outside in a pot, was budding nicely until blown over in a storm, so we moved into a large garden room/ glasshouse where it then flowered. Cuttings taking nicely and original plant bubble wrapped already showing signs of life in the glasshouse.

Grand Marnier grew rapidly but was severely damaged in a spring storm and was broken to ground level, resprouted and stayed in the garden room, eventually flowering very well in late October into early Dec. A few cuttings on the go and the parent plant wrapped and looking healthy.

Painted Lady x MEW was a great success as a multi- stemmed tree but sadly

no flower buds at all. It grew so big outside in a pot next to L. Garten and unfortunately was caught by the first frost in December which damaged the top growth quite a bit. The plant was cut back and wrapped and so far appears sound in the glasshouse.

We plan to persevere with this one another year.

Ecuador Pink was a late June purchase and flowered in the glasshouse in early September. Whilst understandably only a short plant it appears very healthy and cuttings are doing well. You may recall I bought this one to find a variety which would flower early in the season outdoors as we open the garden for NGS in July and September.

David C

Subtropical/tropical plants generally are complimented by their large architectual leaves but they may be prone to ripping/shredding or breaking other parts of the plant off in stormy/windy conditions as David has experienced. I would recommend placing plants in a sheltered position or move to a safe place if stormy weather is forecast. Growing in pots helps with mobility and accounts for this contingency.

As a Brugmansia owner you should always be aware of the weather be it hot, windy, or frosty, these plants need a lot of care. Natively they grow in sheltered frost free conditions so this should always be taken into consideration when locating the plant within the garden. Thank you to David and his input in this short blog.

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