Brugmansia in RHS Plant Finder 2020 & RHS Garden Magazine

For 2020 edition of the RHS Plant Finder I have submitted approximately 55 entries into the RHS database for inclusion in the publication. With a growing profile and Brugmansia stock I felt this was a good time to publish what I hold at Exotic Earth Plants. The listing gives details of contacting the back garden nursery and the website and will give Exotic Earth Plants the credit and boost it deserves for getting thus far. Please look out for our listing and possibly even a photo of a new plant under the listing which was submitted but is yet to be confirmed. Also the RHS Garden Magazine have been in contact to request photos for Award of Garden Merit plants which were awarded in 2018 as a round table, on Brugmnasia. Watch out again for photos from Exotic Earth Plants in upcoming RHS Garden Magazines.

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Q. What is Brugmansia? A. Brugmansia are native to tropical regions of South America, along the Andes from Venezuela, through Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia to northern Chile, and also in south-eastern Br