Buying a Brugmansia: A customer feedback experience

"I recently purchased a Brugmansia from Lee at Exotic Earth Plants. Nothing out of the ordinary there you may think. However there was a bit more to the transaction than that and I wanted to share my experience: It started after seeing a post on Twitter. EEP tweeted about an unusual Brugmansia called ‘overbecks’.

That evening I saw the post and immediately asked about the chances of buying on. This was at 20:53. Lee messaged back saying he had two stock plants but just might have one to sell. At 22:27 he messaged again telling me that he did have one plant. I imagine he must of gone out to his poly tunnel and checked. He then I asked if I would like to buy it. Obviously I said yes and with a few minutes he’d made it available on his website for me to make the purchase. At 22:43 I completed payment and I’m now the owner of a fairly rare Brugmansia. How good is that!?!

The above all happened on a Wednesday night and two days later on Friday lunchtime my plant arrived. It was brilliantly packaged, is a healthy little plant and I received the most amazing service! I now have a small collection of three Brug’s and needless to say, I have no doubt, I’ll be buying one or two more from EEP. Thanks Lee!"

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