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Buying Plants Online: Customer Success Story

Customers of Exotic Earth Plants purchased two Brugmansia from us in March 2019 through our mail ordering online plant shop and were so delighted with the results this summer wanted to share some photos, saying " I purchased these from you, online, in March and both are doing well. The Suaveolens is spectacular, it has nearly twenty flower buds still on the plant."

Buying plants online can be a daunting idea for those who have had negative experiences. Recieving mail order plants through the post requires good anchored packaging and prompt delivery to ensure top condition on arrival. At Exotic Earth Plants we have designed the perfect shape box to hold our standard mail order pot size (11cm) and use extra biodegradable wrapping and jute bag to finish, to ensure a snug fit. All plants are well watered and pruned to ensure top condition. The pot is then locked in place inside the box using push in flaps. To buy Brugmansia visit the online Plant Shop here:

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