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Exotic Earth Plants, now a supplier to the Eden Project: Costa Rica Tourism Board Living Advert

The Eden Project have been working this season with the Costa Rican Tourist Board to create an Eco-Lodge exhibit in the Rainforest Biome to promote eco-tourism.

I was contacted by the Eden Project earlier this year to see if I would be interested in becoming a supplier to them and support their Costa Rican living advert by supplying a selection of Brugmansia for the exhibit. Several Brugmansia were purchased, collected and planted at the eco lodge garden in the Rainforest Biome, near to the rainforest canopy walk and waterfall.

The idea behind the Costa Rican living advert is to encourage sustainable tourism by supporting regeneration of important lost habitats around the world through eco-tourism.

"The lodge is situated deep within the Rainforest Biome, close to the waterfall, and brings to life Costa Rica’s commitment to eco-tourism, acting as a showcase of its sustainability credentials.

The exhibit tells the story of Costa Rica’s eco and biodiversity themes, complemented by Eden’s own continuing work with the Matambú Forest Reserve, as part of Costa Rica’s reforestation programme. "

I visited the exhibit personally to see the results and they were spectacular! If you get a chance and are in the Eden Project area please pop in to see the exhibit first hand.

A simple, relaxed ‘lodge’ style building has been created, using natural materials to fit with the tropical backdrop. Vibrant tropical planting, including Heliconia, Anthurium and Brugmansia from Exotic Earth Plants.

"Eden’s ambitious plan is to continue the regeneration of this forest, and expand it further to encourage the return of wildlife (including jaguars and tapirs), working with local communities to create a region which is sustainable both environmentally and economically."

Encouraging sustainable tourism to help spread the message of regeneration around the world is a vital part of the advert and Exotic Earth Plants was a proud sponsor of this!

My thanks to Leo Hood (MCIHort MSc BSc), the Rainforest Biome Horticulturist, for supporting Exotic Earth Plants to become a supplier of the Eden Project and I look forward to working with them in the future.

Eden advert:

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