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Orchids: Pluerothallidae Experimentation!

The Brugmansia I grow is all native to South America and mainly grows in the foothills and Andean mountains, so what better way is there to compliment this collection than to grow orchids from the Andean Cloud forests of Columbia, Peru, Equador, and Bolivia.

I am specialising in Pluerothallidae. The Pleurothallids (Dracula, Masdevallia, Pleurothallis, and many other genera) are a wonderful group of Orchids primarily from Central and South America. They are a very large family of many Genera and thousands of very different species that come in almost every color, size & shape imaginable! The one trait that they almost always share is that of having their flowers dominated by their sepals and that they have relatively insignificant petals and lips. The sepals make up for their less showy counterparts by often being very colorful! Indeed, I believe that the Pleurothallids family contains some of the most intensely colored of all the Orchid flowers.


I have used a regular 6ftx4ft pop up greenhouse and lined the inside with large bubble wrap and shade netting. I am using a RAM Humidifier linked up to humidity controller and a temperature controller for fan assistance and winter heating.

Here are some photos of the greenhouse.

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Mike Henry
Mike Henry
Jan 14, 2021

The modern, minimalistic style adds to the beauty. There is a mesh cover for the drainage hole that works great. The drain hole is just the right size, large enough for water to drain through yet small enough to keep the soil in. The design is simply GENIUS. This is what makes this one of the optimum pots for growing orchids from seeds. Perfect for use in the kitchen slabs.

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