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Order Plants Online during COVID-19 Coronavirus

The COVID19 crisis has brought about massive uncertainty to the future of possibly a third to half garden nursery businesses which rely on spring sales to generate revenue.

Plant nurseries need your help more than ever to help them stay afloat to sell in the future. This applies very much to the specialist nurseries, who are generally much smaller and vunerable.

The BBC reported:

"Millions of plants, shrubs and trees could be binned in the coming days and weeks, meaning ruin for UK growers.

The closure of 2,000 garden centres and nurseries mean makers of what's called "ornamental horticulture" have no outlet for their plants.

The Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) is asking the government for financial assistance of up to £250m to help the industry avoid collapse.

It warned that up to a third of producers could go bust.

Ornamental plant growers' main assets are their inventory of plants - and they are facing a loss of nearly their entire 2020 income, according to the HTA."

Support local and specialist nurseries

During this COVID19 crisis, as many are aware, small businesses will be affected and under pressure to remain financially afloat. This is also the case with small specialist nurseries who need your support more than ever. With the cancellation of plant fairs and events the only source of revenue is online shopping. If you can, please support your favourite plant specialist nurseries during these difficult times and also have some lovely plants delivered for summer to spruce up your garden.

Our choice of specialist online nurseries include:

- the last link had link on the website to specialist nurseries

Of course, Exotic Earth Plants is still open for business, please support us and our collections of Brugmansia, subtropical plants and cool growing orchids.

Visit the online shop to see what is available via the website link below.  As a thank you, please apply 10% off to orders over £30 with the promo code "Spring10", valid until 31st May 2020 .

Many thanks for you continued support and stay safe everyone.

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