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Soilless Seed Sowing: reduce damping off fungus

I am trying a totally different germination method with Brugmansia seeds. You can use this method for most soiless see gerrminations

First cut the bottom out of a 4 pint milk carton and cut the rockwool to fit the bottom or use a propogator and lid or similar.

Then presoak the rockwool in water and place in the container.

Use a pencil or similar to make the holes for the seeds to be placed in and firmly place presoaked seeds in the holes. I am testing using only water first but may add a diluted liquid feed next time.

Label the seeds and cover in cling film. Keep the rockwool moist by spraying water on if required. Place on a bright window sill away from direct sunlight.

Soilless Seed Sowing is a clean way to sow seeds and the rockwool can be potted on with the plant. This method reduces damping off which a fungus which destroys the germination of a seed.

Give it a go yourself!

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