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Tregrehen Garden Rare Plant Fair

I had the pleasure of being invited to the Tregrehen Garden Rare Plant Fair in Cornwall on Sunday 20th September following a terrible summer of Plant Fair cancellations due to COVID 19. This was my first and last first of 2020, but it was a great turn out considering the circumstances with a great selection of subtropical and rare plants.

Tregrehen Gardens, tucked into the head of St Austell Bay is considered an area described as Cornwall's Temperate Rainforest. It is a sheltered botanical oasis protected by the hills behind, massive trees, a walled gardens, and Victorian conservatories. The gardens are stunning and I highly recommend a visit if you are in the area.

For Exotic Earth Plants this was an exclusive invite to showcase my subtropical plant collection, expose my horticultural knowledge and specialism around Brugmansia and raise awareness of Orchid Conservation Alliance and how they are helping to save Orchid rich habitats.

The Brugmansia interest was good and I had some good questions regarding overwintering mainly. Other plants which gained interest included, Abutilon, Amorphophallus, Tetrapanax, Colocasia, Strobilanthus, Tibouchina, and Hedychium.

I also came back with some beautiful specimens from the Tregrehen gardens after speaking to the gardener in detail about South American plants. These included Lapageria rosea, Fuchsia boliviana, Fuchsia denticulata. Featured below as creative commons photos.

I very much look forward to attending the Tregrehen Garden Rare Plant Fair for 2021 and it would be great to any of you plant loving enthusiasts there too!

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