B.'Charles Grimaldi' - yellow/orange (USDA 9b - 11)

B.'Charles Grimaldi' - yellow/orange (USDA 9b - 11)


Brugmansia sold well rooted in a 11cm pot at a height of 25-35cm secured in a pre-made bespoke box. The plant is secured and anchored in the box, labeled and the pot is presented in a natural hemp bag.


Well established rooted cutting, flowering large yellow sweetly/almond scented flowers. Brugmansia Charles Grimaldi, a cubensis, is a perennial woody shrub-like tree. Cubensis a hybrid between B. suaveolens, B. versicolor, and B. aurea and will contain qualities from all. This is a warm group variety, preferring warm sunny aspect with high humidity and mild evenings, although ok to 5c. It can grow up to 3 meters tall, with long thin oval shaped leaves which can grow up to 16 inches (40 cm) long and 6 inches (15 cm) wide. The flowers are up to 9 inches (23 cm) long, narrow and trumpet shaped, and range in color from white to golden yellow. They are especially noted for their strong aromatic fragrance at night and large dark brown to black seeds.


Flowers: June to October

  • Growing Notes

    Position: Part-Shade to avoid drying out

    Temperature: 4C - 30C

    Water: Kept in moist well drained soil, do not allow to fully dry out.

    Feeding: High Potash feed every other day in the growing season (Spring to Autumn)


    Pot into a rich compost potting media and position in a sunny spot (part-shade is best). Water freely from spring to autumn and apply a high potash fee