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Brugmansia 'Lilac Touch'

Brugmansia 'Lilac Touch'


A beautiful sphaerocarpium arbovulsa (Arborea x vulcanicola) slightly scented flowers with a rose to pink tip and Apricot tubular section striated with green to the calyx. Nodding position and flowers are 25cm including the calyx. The arborea qualities give it good flowering range throughout the year.


Brugmansia sold well rooted in a 11cm pot at a height of 25-35cm secured in a pre-made bespoke box. The plant is secured and anchored in the box, labeled


Flowers: Most of the year

Cultivar Name: Lilac Touch

Hybridizer:Anne Kirchner-Abel

Breeding History Set: arbovulsa

Name Status: Established and Accepted

Publication: Kirchner-Abel Retail List 2011/2012

Year Released: 2009

Species Group Cold

Flower Color: Pink

Flower Form: Single

Flower Position: Nodding

Comments:vulcanicola hyb?

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