B. 'New Wave' (USDA 9a - 11)

B. 'New Wave' (USDA 9a - 11)

A smaller 15cm flower with unusual metallic pink to mauve flowers striated in yellow hanging pendulous to nodding. Similar hardy pest qualities to Mobisu and a must for any sphaerocarpium Brug  collection. 

Brugmansia sold well rooted in a 11cm pot at a height of 25-35cm secured in a pre-made bespoke box. The plant is secured and anchored in the box, labeled and the pot is presented in a natural hemp bag

Flowers: September to June

Cultivar Name: New Wave
Hybridizer:Anne Kirchner-Abel
Breeding History Set: rubella
Name Status: Established and Accepted
Publication: Kirchner-Abel
Year Released: 2010
Species Group Cold
Flower Form: Single
  • Growing Notes

    Position: Part-Shade to avoid drying out

    Temperature: 2C - 25C

    Water: Kept in moist well drained soil, do not allow to fully dry out.

    Feeding: High Potash feed every other day in the growing season (Spring to Autumn)


    Pot into a rich compost potting media and position in a sunny spot (part-shade is best). Water freely from spring to autumn and apply a high potash feed frequently (every other day if possible).

    Over wintering

    During winter, water sparingly and ensure there is a minimum night temperature of 2-3 °C. You can repot, if necessary, in early spring once growth recommences. When it is impractical to increase the pot size, top dress annually by removing a 5-10cm (2-4in) layer of c