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This AGM Canna, grows to a height of 6ft by September if it is well fed and watered, producing impressive foliage for a Jungle feel. It needs good rich soil to thrive and produces leaves of 30 to 40cm.


It can be overwintered in the ground is mulched well. It can also be lifted and stored in the greenhouse, keeping it on the drier side to save be frozen solid!


It can also be grown as a pot plant specimen but looks at its best at the back of a hot border or similar


C.musifolia does well in full/part sun out of strong winds, or semi-shade/dapled light.

Sold as a tuber

Flower photo: CC3.0 C.Canna

Canna musifolia (tuber)

Currently Propagating from collection
  • Cultivation

    For banana cultivation under glass grow in loam-based potting compost (JI No.3) in full light with shade from hot sun; repot every other year, in spring. In warmer parts of the country for outdoors grow in a sheltered position in humus-rich well-drained soil in full sun



    Propagate by seed as soon as ripe at 21-24°C (70-75°F); presoak spring sown seed for 24 hours. Separate suckers in early spring, removing older leaves or divide established clumps every five years


    Suggested planting locations and garden types

    Wall-side Borders Patio & Container Plants



    Glasshouse red spider mite, mealybugs and aphids can be troublesome under glass



    Generally trouble free


    Source: RHS

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