Dracula Hirtzii (NBS)

Dracula Hirtzii (NBS)


Dracula hirtzii is an epiphytic orchid. 

Sold as BS in a suitable size pot with spagnum moss.



Plant blooms from winter to spring with 6 cm wide flowers. This species is distinguished by its flexible hinged lip and intense red sepals.DistributionPlants are found in the cloud forest of Colombia and Ecuador at elevations of 1300 to 2100 metersCultureKeep plant in partial shade. Plant can be grown in cool to intermediate conditions. Pot the plant in fine bark with perlite or sphagnum moss. Water regularly and keep potting media moist.

Naming Entomology: The species was discovered and named after Alex Hirtz.


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Dracula hirtzii Luer, Orchid Digest 43: 38 (1979)Authorsunoochi from Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan