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Echium Pininana - Pink Fountain

Echium Pininana - Pink Fountain

SKU: EXO1050

This incredible plant initially produces a palm tree-like rosette, with large, thick, hairy leaves on a strong woody stem. It has thousands of Pink flowers, shoots upwards, sometimes to 10-15ft feet! Bees go crazy for this plant!!

Pink Fountain' is a rosette-forming biennial or short-lived perennial with lance-shaped, hairy, grey-green leaves. Each rosette of leaves produces a long, tapering spike, up to 4m high, of pink flowers in summer

The recommendation is that the plant is suited for the southern maritime counties of England. There are, however, reports of successful cultivation in the English Midlands and Yorkshire, albeit in favourable locations. Specimens are also grown in Dublin gardens and in the Irish National Botanic Gardens at Glasnevin. Although E. pininana is half-hardy in Britain and Ireland, it will self-seed to form clusters of plants, and it is suggested that by natural selection a hardier variety will emerge. The plant also grows readily in North Wales where it seeds very widely. It is bi- or even triennial and most vulnerable to frosts in its first year. Because of its large leaves when partly grown, it is also very susceptible to wind damage. Hence a sheltered garden position is essential.


Supplied in a 11cm pot, at a height of 30 - 40cm ready to grow on in the ground, now in their second year.

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  • Growing Notes

    Plant out as small plants in a well-drained sheltered spot, or a large container that may be taken in during the winter in severe frost. 

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