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Masdevallia triangularis (Peru 2000m)

Masdevallia triangularis (Peru 2000m)


Masdevallia triangularis


Common Name The Three-Edged Masdevallia

Flower Size to almost 5" [to almost 17.5 cm]

Found in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela in mist forests at elevations of 750 to 2300 meters as a medium to small sized, mini-miniature sized, warm to cold growing, tufted epiphytic plant with a slender, erect, blackish ramicaul enveloped basally by 2 to 3 tubular sheaths carrying a single, apical, 6" [15 cm] long, obovate, erect or suberect, coriaceous, and their margins tend to furl toward the long petiolate base leaf that blooms in the summer and fall on an erect, slender, erect, to 6" [15 cm] long inflorescence arising from low on the ramicaul with a brown spotted bract near the base and a tubular floral bract and carrying a single fragrant, musty, repugnant smelling flower held well above the leaves.

This species likes an airy, humid, well watered environment.

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