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Tetrapanax papyrifer

Tetrapanax papyrifer

SKU: EXO1064

Well rooted, small plant, will be growing in no time at all.20 to 30cm high good growth. 3 to 4 leaves 15cmx15cm


Tetrapanax papyrifer , the rice-paper plant, is an evergreen shrub in the family Araliaceae, the sole species in the genus Tetrapanax. It is endemic to Taiwan. It grows to 3 to 7 m tall, with usually unbranched stems 2 cm diameter bearing a rosette of large leaves at the top. The leaves are carried on 40 to 60 cm petioles, the leaf blade orbicular, 30 to 50 cm across, deeply palmately lobed with 5 to 11 primary lobes, the central lobes larger and Y-forked near the end. It spreads extensively by sprouts from the root system underground. The flowers are globular umbels near the end of the stem. The flowers have 4 or 5 small white petals. The fruit is a small drupe.


Can be hardy in well sheltered positions growing to heights of 3m. Loses its leaves in winter. Leaves can be huge and slightly furry up to 80cm wide. Large white flower heads around the end of autumn. Grow in part shade.


Minimum Temp -5c

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