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Talks for Garden Clubs or Events

Do you require a Specialist Garden Speaker for your garden club, garden fair or society?  I can provide an enthusiastic, colourful and informative talk on the genus Brugmansia and discuss other subtropical  plants to compliment.

Brugmansia Talk:

"The Genus Brugmansia & Subtropical Companion Planting"

Gain some first hand insights from a Brugmansia specialist! This talk will cover all aspects of Brugmansia horticulture including taxonomy, habitat, cultivation, propagation, pests, plant care and overwintering in the UK. Plus, a subtropical plant insight and ideas  of complimenting Brugmansia plantings. There will be lots of lovely photos from my own collection and your chance to purchase from a small selection of plants brought along to each talk, plus plant care leaflets and contact cards.



Each Brugmansia Talk is about an hour long and provided in a colourful and informative powerpoint presentation. Access to power and projector screen is essential to connect my laptop and projector. Alternatively, the club or society could have a large flat screen TV with HDMI connection.

The charge per talk is £100 plus any travel expenses incurred, (40p/mile).

Plants will be available to purchase after the talk finishes.

For more details on date availability and travel distances please email:

Example: Me in action at BBC Radio Devon Interview as Garden Guru with Toby Buckland October 2019

BBC Radio Devon Interview as Garden Guru with Toby BucklandToby Buckland with Lee Betts
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