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Brugmansia Insignis

This is the first Brugmansia Insignis which has been grown from seed at Exotic Earth Plants and he seems super healthy. As soon as the weather warms up I will transplant him to a larger pot and move into the poly tunnel. But for now it is happy on the Kitchen window sill!

Brugmansia insignis is predominantly found in gardens in the Andean foothills of western Amazonia where it is an important plant in indigenous medicine and rituals. 

It is very variable in leaf, ranging from very dark green, very narrow and almost willow-like to lighter green and broadly elliptic in shape. The pink or white flowers are funnel-shaped and closely resemble the East Brazilian B. suaveolens except that the corolla neck is usually (but not always) very long, and the petal tips are extended into thin filamentous points. The fruit is always rough, grooved, strongly leathery and spindle-shaped, in contrast to the smoother spindle-shaped fruits of B. suaveolens. 

This species is very seldom seen outside northwestern South America, and has been little used in hybridising programs, except for a few examples from the Herrenhäuser Gärten in Germany, such as ‘Pride of Hannover’ and ‘Pink Favorite’.

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