B. 'Baby Doll' - Double Cream (USDA 9b - 11)

B. 'Baby Doll' - Double Cream (USDA 9b - 11)


Brugmansia sold well rooted in a 11cm pot at a height of 25-35cm secured in a pre-made bespoke box. The plant is secured and anchored in the box, labeled and the pot is presented in a natural hemp bag.


Brugmansia Baby Doll, a cream/apricot long double Charleston Liminosa x cubensis hybridised by Monika Gottschalk, Germany 2003.


Cubensis a hybrid between B. suaveolens, B. versicolor, and B. aurea and will contain qualities from all. This is a warm group variety, preferring warm sunny aspect with high humidity and mild evenings, although ok to 5c.


Position: Part-Shade

Water: Kept in moist well drained soil, do not allow to fully dry out.

Feeding: High Potash feed every other day in the growing season (Spring to Autumn)

Toxicity: Use gloves when pruning, avoid contact with sap and pollen, wash hands after gardening with Brugmansia. DO NOT INGEST IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.

Caution: Never leave children or pets unsupervised around Brugmansia